Geometrics Tests Marine MetalMapper

Jan 10, 2017 | Posted in Blog, News

Geometrics recently field tested a prototype version of our new Marine MetalMapper concept, with attendees from both private and government organizations on hand to observe the test and to provide feedback. Like our state-of-the-art MetalMapper 2×2, which sets the standard for efficient in-situ UXO characterization, our Marine MetalMapper identifies and characterizes underwater UXO. This is especially useful for applications with high sedimentation rates where visibility is poor or situations that necessitate detailed characterization of the target. It is estimated that this technology can reduce the cost of UXO remediation by 50%.


Figure 1 The five different objects buried to test the Marine MetalMapper. Each object is representative of actual UXO and typical non-UXO, and each are buried at a different depths and orientations to approximate real-life conditions

The instrument uses the same technology as our land-based MetalMapper 2×2 with multiple transmitter and 3-C receiver coils sensitive enough to characterize UXO munitions without excavation.

We performed the test with industry partner CH2M-Hill at the test pond facility at the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Panama City Division in Panama City Beach, Florida in October 2016. Prior to the test, divers buried five known targets (Figure 1) as well as identified clean areas with no metallic debris. The clean area is used to measure the background response of the site and to assess the noise floor of the system.


Figure 2 Verification test to assure the instrument's functionality prior to deployment

Prior to deploying the system in the water, engineers verified the operation of the system by placing a test item above each receiver coil to ensure the correct system response (Figure 2). After verification, a crane lowered the system into the water (Figure 3). Divers reported that the system was easy to maneuver underwater.


Figure 3 A crane operator lowers the Marine MetalMapper into the water as divers get ready to begin the test

Divers collected underwater measurements to assess the system’s ability to accurately characterize the targets, both in terms of munitions type and to measure the system’s sensitivity to targets not located near the center of the array. The test results are promising and the system works very well to locate and identify targets. An onsite analyst used the data collected during the test to match the targets against a known library with 99.8% accuracy. This compares very well with land MetalMapper 2×2 and produces data which can be matched to 99.9%. These are very encouraging results, especially considering the current Marine MetalMapper is the first Marine UXO Characterization system ever used. Additional tests in saltwater are slated for summer 2017.

If you have questions the Marine MetalMapper or our MetalMapper 2×2, please contact Sales

Photos by Russ Malcolm of the Naval Surface Warfare Center

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