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Oct 14, 2016 | Posted in Blog, News

On Friday, October 14, 2016, Geometrics held their Employee Service Awards, an annual event celebrating our employees’ anniversary milestones. Since 1969 when Geometrics first opened their doors, we’ve been an industry leader in geophysical instrumentation. One of the reasons we’ve been so successful is the dedication and commitment of our staff. Our average employee tenure is over 12 years, nearly 4 times that of other Silicon Valley companies. This level of experience and knowledge contributes greatly to the quality and excellence in our products. Join us in celebrating this year’s anniversary milestones!

2016 Service Awards

Front Row (L) Anthony Tran, Linda Philips, Paul Gomez, Johny Nguyen, Kevin Hurley, Margrit Honegger; Back Row (L) Brandon Ngo, Mark Prouty, Kevin Eyl, Steve Cope, Randl Rivera, Bart Hoekstra, Lee Gagnon, Vladimir Matt

35 years

Margrit Honegger – Corporate Controller
Lee Gagnon – Materials Manager

30 years

Stephen Cope – Manager, Manufacturing Systems
Linda Philips – Sales Administrator

15 years

Juan Saucedo – Production Control Planner
Anthony Tran – Electronics Technician
Vladimir Matt – Customer Service Repair Technician

10 years

Paul Gomez – Assembler, Manufacturing
Ruth Beynon – Customer Service Administrator
Brandon Ngo – Assembler, Manufacturing
Johny Nguyen – Electronics Technician
Bart Hoekstra – Vice President, Sales
Freddie Martinez – Shipping/Streamer Assembly
Randl Rivera – Customer Service Repair Supervisor

5 years

Raymond Albarillo – Shipping & Receiving
Kent Falkenstein - Engineering
Kevin Eyl – Vice President, Engineering
Kevin Hurley – Applications Geophysicist, Magnetometers
Brenda Inthisane – Rental Department Administrator

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