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Jul 26, 2016 | Posted in Blog, News

During the week of July 18, 2016, applications Geophysicist Kolby Pedrie had the pleasure of training 3 scientists from Unidad de Tecnologia Marina (CSIC). The training lasted for 5 days, giving the scientists plenty of time to learn about and discuss both their existing equipment and future purchases.

The first day of training consisted of reviewing P-Cable technology. This included reviewing P-Cable history, system configuration, product specifications, deployment, and data examples. Kolby went over their system in detail, and provided options for integrating their current 2D system into a 3D P-Cable system.

\CSIC Training 2016\

Science isn't all hard work!

On the second day of training, Kolby gave an overview of the GeoEel hardware and software. Allowing a full day for review allowed the participants to discuss their current 2D system in detail, discuss geophysical concerns for system configuration, and go through an overview of the data acquisition software. They also reviewed connector maintenance and the best procedure for equipment handling.

On Wednesday, the session focused on deployment procedures and data quality optimization in Geometrics’ CNT-2 software as well as operating the GeoEel software. At the end of the day Kolby gave guidance on how to repair cables in the field.

Mark Prouty, Geometrics’ President and GeoEel software designer, discussed troubleshooting the GeoEel system on Thursday. This included a discussion on using the streamer power supply unit (SPSU), CNT-2 software, and GeoEel Tester software to identify and isolate problems within the system.

The training finished on Friday, with Bart Hoekstra and Craig Lippus leading the discussion on real time data QC in CNT-2 and RadExPro.

Kolby made sure the subject matter was relevant and that we answered all of the scientists’ questions. But it wasn’t all serious. He joined the CSIC crew for a trip to Point Lobos and Santa Cruz, California on Monday. As you can see from the photo, they all had a great time!

Information about Unidad de Tecnologia Marina (CSIC)

CSIC acquires seismic data mostly for the Spanish scientific research community, but is also involved in international scientific research, as well as occasional Oil and Gas work. CSIC purchased a 24 channel GeoEel system earlier this year and recently upgraded to a 96 channel 2D setup. When asked why they chose GeoEel, CSIC mentioned the following:

  • Rugged design for use in Antarctic conditions
  • Solid streamer
  • Small radius
  • References from other Geometrics’ customers and others in the scientific community
  • Potential to upgrade to 3D system

Geometrics tailors their training classes and seminars to suit your needs. We offer everything from half-day classes to week-long seminars and training. We can also provide training at your facility or jobsite if requested. You will work directly with the people who design and use the equipment and software, so you will be learning directly from those who know the systems the best. We offer training in all of the hardware we sell. If you are interested in learning more about our training program, please contact Sales

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