The new MetalMapper 2x2 is here!

Jul 22, 2016 | Posted in Blog, News

Geometrics is proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned MetalMapper 2×2. Built on the success of our revolutionary first generation MetalMapper, this latest version is based on the NRL TEMTADS 2×2 design, and boasts innovative electronics for acquiring high dynamic range, wide bandwidth, multi-component data. The MetalMapper 2×2 is lighter weight, smaller, and easier to deploy than our previous version. Using knowledge gained from the original MetalMapper , our engineers have designed the new MetalMapper 2×2 to have significant advances in usability, ruggedness and reliability.

MetalMapper 2×2 in action at Fort Ord in Monterey, California

The MetalMapper 2×2 characterizes buried metallic objects in a way that traditional magnetometer and EM devices cannot. Users are able to identify not only the location of and depth to a target, but they can also measure the size and symmetry of a target. By comparing a buried object to a known library of objects, users can ascertain with better than 98% accuracy the nature of an anomaly. This technique is reliable, and saves time in both exploration costs and digging costs. Harmless scrap can be left in-situ, while UXO can be safely identified and removed.

Nick Odlum, project manager for the MetalMapper 2×2, thanks the development team at a lunch celebrating the product's release

Some of the key features include being an easy to deploy, portable system for acquiring reliable data, easy to use software, user configurable displays for displaying transmitter and receiver wave forms, and navigation software for effortless positioning. The MetalMapper 2×2 represents the cutting edge in non-destructive, reliable UXO detection, and is built to the highest industry standards and ruggedized for reliability.

Contact us here for more information on the innovative MetalMapper 2×2.

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