Geomatrix Sells 180th G-882 Magnetometer into Offshore Wind Farm Market

May 09, 2016 | Posted in News

The increasing popularity of offshore wind farms has meant that the sea floor must be surveyed with high resolution for any obstructions that might cause a hazard to the pile-driving operations for the turbines or trenching for the interconnecting cabling. Many hazards, including WWII UXO, are buried under sediments and thus are invisible to side scan sonar or multi-beam echo sounder techniques. Over the past few years, the offshore site investigation industry has made increasing use of high-resolution magnetometers for this purpose. Ten or fifteen years ago such surveys would be conducted using a single magnetometer, but now arrays of 4 or 6 magnetometers are frequently deployed so a greater swath width of sea bed can be simultaneously surveyed to reduce ship time and costs considerably. The UK has been installing many large offshore wind farms, and often these are in areas of high risk of encountering UXO, thus the need for multi-sensor magnetometer surveys has been high. Through close knowledge of the marketplace and a high level of technical knowledge of the product and application, the Geometrics representative for the UK, Geomatrix Earth Science, has now sold over 180 of the performance-leading marine magnetometer, the G-882, into this market. Many customers have been building up their stocks of G-882 over the years, which is a testament to the reliability and high-quality data produced by this magnetometer.

Geometrics G-882 marine Magnetometer
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