Geometrics Magnetometers Highlighted in NASA Publication, Spinoff 2016

Jan 11, 2016 | Posted in Blog, News

Buildings for Manipulating Magnetism Revolutionize Magnetometers

NASA Technology

In a corner of Ames Research Center in California stand a pair of rather unusual buildings, where mere mortals can control magnetic fields. The Magnetic Test Facilities, identified on a map as N-217 and N-217A, are located at the outer edge of the facility, on the southern end of San Francisco Bay. Housed in a 12 by 12-foot section of N-217 is a chamber designed for calibrating magnetic sensor systems, determining the amount of metal in a magnet, and testing the low-frequency electromagnetic radiation of small objects measuring up to 3.3 feet in any direction. Next door, in N-217A, a facility with a 20-foot coil accommodates larger objects and is capable of duplicating the strength and direction of the planet’s magnetic field as measured anywhere on Earth, in orbit, or in deep space...


Geometrics' Micro-Fabricated Atomic Magnetomer has been optimized for miniature deployment platforms thanks in part to the use of special buildings at NASA’s
Ames Research Center



You may download a copy of their publication from their website . The article is on p. 116.: "

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