Geometrics Makes Splash at ProExplo 2015

Jun 04, 2015 | Posted in Blog, News

The last week of May, Geometrics Inc. with host representative Geoinstruments International S.A.C. attended ProExplo 2015 Mining Conference in Lima, Peru. Peru is one of the largest mining countries in South America with extensive investment in exploration from domestic and foreign mining companies. Recently, China has also invested in the Peruvian mining industry. ProExplo is the most important conference of Prospectors and Explorers in South America.

Geometrics at Proexplo 2015

Geometrics at Proexplo 2015

This year, Geometrics had visitors to our booth from Peru as well from Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil Mexico and Central America. Some of those visitors were not only from the mining sector, but also from the engineering, environmental and oil markets. Total attendees were 1000 to the conference and 2000 to the show.

Francisco Torres, Sales Manager for Geometrics in Latin America said, “It was very pleasant to receive a warm welcome by the Peruvians. A good number of customers who knew we were coming just came to the show to be able to chat with us for various reasons, talk about their experiences with our equipment, get advice, or just to know you in person…” Overall, our participation was a very positive experience.

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