Geometrics Offers Student Scholarships to Attend SAGEEP

Nov 21, 2014 | Posted in Blog, News

Applied Geophysics
Call for Scholarship Applications

Application Information

Geometrics Inc. is a recognized leader in both geophysical instrumentation and software
design. As part of our commitment to student education and scientific advancement, we are
excited to announce we are awarding ten competitive $500.00 scholarships for the SAGEEP
2015 meeting in Austin, Texas. SAGEEP is one of the pre-eminent meetings for engineering
geophysics. This award will help offset the cost of attending this year’s meeting.

Applicant’s/Recipients must:

  • Be attending SAGEEP 2015
  • Be a declared geology or geophysics major
  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student
  • Be in good standing within your university and department

To Apply:

  • Please send an abstract (750 words or less) detailing your work or interest in applied geophysics. Previous scholarship winners include research in seismic hazards,environmental mapping, and magnetic signatures over buried storage tanks.
  • Brief personal statement detailing your career goals and geophysical interests. Other pertinent information to include is your experience with geophysical instrumentation, your graduation date, and the title of your current dissertation, thesis, or senior project.
  • One letter of recommendation from a professor in your department familiar with your work.

Your submissions will be evaluated by our technical staff for completeness and geophysical
applicability. Our application deadline is January 30, 2015. Please contact with your application packet.

Good luck!

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