Parallel Processing Takes on New Meaning - The High Speed G-882 Magnetometer Array

Jan 30, 2014 | Posted in Blog, News

Geometrics and EIVA have joined together to introduce a new magnetometer array, the ScanFish Katria. The array combines Scanfish III ROTV technology with Geometrics' low-cost, reliable and high-performance G-882 marine cesium magnetometer for excellent magnetic anomaly detection close to the seabed floor.

Scanfish Katria

EIVA Scanfish Katria uses Geometrics' G-882 Marine Magnetometer for best results

The benefits of the new array include:

  • High stability at a fixed altitude in proportion to the seabed as a result of the design and performance of the unit combined with built-in motion, pressure and altitude sensors.
  • An intelligent anti-collision feature to automatically adjust the system upwards in case obstacles are encountered during the route
  • Effective magnetic anomaly detection via optimal positioning of multiple magnetometers
  • Reduced survey time through wider coverage.
  • Increased certainty and precision of data resulting from fixed altitude above the seabed while operating in terrain-following mode.
  • High towing speed (up to 10 knots), which allows coverage of a large area in less time.
  • Intuitive interface permitting a quick start-up and easy use, as well as complete control of the ROTV. An alert panel also warns of any irregularities.
  • A pre-flight feature for testing and on-site calibration of the ScanFish Katria prior to deployment for the best possible performance and data quality.
  • Complete control and monitoring through user-friendly ScanFish III Flight software.
  • Reduced risk of damage through robust design.
  • A potential turn-key magnetometer survey solution through a complete list of optional extras.

Acquired ROTV data can be analyzed using a flight recording feature that enables you to play back all flights and quickly locate the cause of any irregularities, thus enhancing the quality of your results and saving survey time.

Geometrics’ MagLogTM software can be used to record and display data and position with Automatic Anomaly Detection. In addition, Geometrics also offers MagMap2000TM plotting and contouring software and MagPick™ post-acquisition processing software to evaluate your results.

For more information or a quote, please contact: Henrik Fjendbo, Area Sales Manager EIVA,
Email: , Tel: 0045 8628 2011

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