See Geometrics new Geode EM3D - Mining Exploration Innovation

Nov 25, 2013 | Posted in Blog, News

Geometrics, Inc. has recently introduced the Geode EM3D for mineral and resource exploration. The Geode EM3D is a multi-channel, distributed network designed for high-resolution site characterization of a mining prospect. The Geode EM3D is an electromagnetic (EM) instrument using the CSAMT (controlled-source audio magnetotellurics) technique. Each six-channel receiver is a node on an Ethernet network for reliable, accurate synchronization from receiver to receiver.

Geode EM3D Acquisition Unit

Geode EM3D Acquisition Unit

A Geode EM3D network can have up to 40 six-channel receivers for simultaneous acquisition of up to 240 electric field and magnetic field channels. For example a large system could have up to 120 sounding stations consisting of Ex, Ey, Hx, and Hy for full tensor soundings. Putting all channels on a synchronized network means with a single setup and one transmitter run data is collected on up to 240 EM channels, saving time, effort, and money. With multiple synchronized magnetic field measurements data quality can be improved by local referencing to eliminate noise. The ability to use fewer magnetic coils reduces time spent burying and moving coils from station to station and greatly improves the efficiency of CSAMT surveys. The Geode EM3D is designed to provide a large network of EM exploration measurements at a reasonable price. The instrument is designed to interface with a range of commercially available controlled-source geophysical transmitters. For more information, Click Here

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