Marine Magnetometer System Test Box Available Now!

Jun 07, 2013 | Posted in Blog, News, Notes From The Field

Bring Your Laboratory Onboard!
Geometrics is proud to work with our international representative for the United Kingdom, Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd., in offering a new Marine Magnetometer System Test Box for our G-882 Marine Magnetometer. The GP102 TowFish Test Box is used to aid in marine system installations, diagnostics and troubleshooting. This equipment will help ensure an efficient survey by reducing the down-time due to problems in cabling, power supply, data logging or data transmissions on-site.

G-882 tow fish

G-882 Tow Fish

GP102 TowFish Test Box

GP102 TowFish Test Box

The TowFish Test Box has multiple functions, with the ability to test and monitor all major components of the G-882 magnetometer system or any of Geometrics' Marine Magnetometer Tow Fish systems. In the Fish Simulator mode, the test box simulates the data stream from the magnetometer fish and sends the signal through the tow cable to the computer to test the integrity of the tow cable and junction box. It also is able to act as a replacement for the tow cable by powering the magnetometer and transferring the data stream from the fish to the computer directly. The test box can act as an in-line system that allows you to monitor the commands sent from the computer or data sent from the fish. When equipped with the optional altimeter test lead, the test box can check the altimeter function by measuring the voltage from the Tritech altimeter. In addition, the GP102 can perform a self-test when the two subconn connectors are coupled together to check for the correct power readings and to check that the data is being circulated through the system correctly.

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