Geometrics Offers New Magnetic Target Analysis & Characterization Service for TVG Data

Dec 20, 2012 | Posted in Blog, News, Notes From The Field

Geometrics has designed a new online data processing service that allows customers to upload preprocessed data and MagPick generated magnetic inversion results to automatically create standardized analysis reports. A summary page is generated for each target in PDF format file and then emailed back to the customer for report ready documentation. This documentation, or “plates”, allows the user to save time and ensures consistent results for analysis every time. The Magnetic Target Analysis and Characterization Service (MTACS) can be found at:

Each page contains a color contour field map with the target position identified, a graph of observed and modeled fields, text information of measurement parameters and an optional side scan sonar map, if available. For the best results, the latest copy of MagPick may be downloaded for free from Geometrics’ website. Quick reference instructions are provided.

Geometrics also provides a more detailed instructional video titled Transverse Gradient Data Preparation for Online Processing on their website showing step by step procedures for loading MagLog TVG data into MagPick, creating a simultaneous inversion spreadsheet and a color geo-referenced contour map for the PDF summary. Once the data is prepared, the user simply fills contact information in the form provided, uploads the MagPick results and the Target Analysis and Characterization PDF summary pages are generated and returned via email.

All data is treated as proprietary and not shared with any outside entity.. Geometrics occasionally reviews results to ensure that the analysis is correct and meets company standards for quality and repeatability. For any questions please send an email to

MTACS Sample Report

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