Geometrics...Presenting from a Podium Near You!

Jun 07, 2011 | Posted in Blog, News, Notes From The Field

Geometrics personnel will be out delivering information on new products this summer and fall. Look for Dr. Mark Prouty, President and CTO of Geometrics, to be in Washington DC at the Improvised Exploding Device conference June 20- June 22 talking about how our new magnetometer technology will more accurately detect IED's at a greatly reduced cost to the military.

Also, at SEG in San Antonio, look for Craig Lippus, Vice President, Seismic Division, to discuss our new PCABLE and GEOEEL Solid Seismic Streamer on Monday, September 19th at a special "customer only" event held off site at 7:30 PM. Contact us to be added to the guest list. Bart Hoekstra will also present a paper on our new Metal Mapper UXO Discrimination on Thursday September 22nd. For more information on any of these products contact us

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