New Airborne MAG Released and more!

Dec 10, 2009 | Posted in News

SUPER HIGH SENSITIVITY AND SPEED. Geometrics introduces the G-824 SupremaC Cesium Vapor magnetometer with sensitivity of 300 fT/sq-rt Hz RMS sensitivity and sample rates up to 1000 Hz. This revolutionary technology incorporates a new ultra low noise sensor driver electronics assembly and CM321 SuperCounter. Four years in development, this system offers a three fold increase in performance over any previous Geometrics airborne magnetometer system. First articles are available for beta testing. See technical data sheet for more information

Other news about our magnetometers:

GEOMETRICS INTRUDUCES NEW AIRBORNE ACCESSORIES. Geometrics now has available new towed bird and helicopter boom accessories for airborne magnetometer surveys. The bird incorporates a flat profile GPS antenna mounted on the ring tail with an integral 80 ft antenna coax cable to run to the GPS receiver in the helicopter. The longer heavier bird provides lower noise and greater stability in all terrain conditions. Multiple-sensor arrays are available.

HELICOPTER BOOMS FOR RPV AND UAV OPERATIONS. Geometrics now offers custom built helicopter booms for transverse or vertical gradiometer operations from small one-man or remotely controlled rotor craft platforms. Geometrics has teamed with UAV and neural network aircraft control system manufacturers to provide alpha-test units for low altitude autonomous flight, used in UXO type reconnaissance surveys. Check the Geometrics website for upcoming developments in this area.

SEABIRD AIR-MARINE TOWED MAGNETOMETER. Geometrics recently flight tested a combined airborne-marine towed seabird system for both airborne and marine survey applications. This combined bird and fish is based on our G-882 Marine magnetometer which is a pressure vessel rated at 4,000 psi. The application is for surveillance applications where a first pass would be accomplished in airborne mode and then a second slower traverse in “dip” mode would be accomplished for more precise location of the target. This technique has primary application in military reconnaissance.

For information about these products or any of our magnetometers contact Ross Johnson or Jeff Johnston today!

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